Welcome to tickets system

This is the support ticket system. You can describe your problems by creating a new ticket. Manager will get notification about your ticket and will start work on it af fast as possible. You will be notified by email about all working progress on your ticket.

Registration process

Registration to this system available only by invitation from manager. So, feel free to contact us to get access to the system. Once you get an invitation email, you should to set password for your account. Later you can login to the system by using your email address and your password.

Registration form

Image 1. Registration form

Resetting password

If you had forgot your password, you can reset it, using special form. Use Forgot password link, enter your email address and click Reset password button.

Forgot password form

Image 2. Reset password form

After resetting your password you will receive a email message with information about further steps.


You have access only to tickets of your company. Our manager can create several users for your company (if you need) and all of these users will have access to the same list of tickets. All tickets divided into 2 groups: actual and closed. All new tickets will appears in list of actual tickets. Closed tickets list allows you to see the history of your requests.

Creating ticket

Creating ticket is the main part of the system. Click on Submit new ticket button in your user's menu, fill the form and thats all! Our manager will receive notification about your ticket and your problem will be solved as fast as possible! (If your company have several users, all users of your company also will be notified about your ticket. It allows you to always keep in touch with us.)

Create ticket form

Image 3. Create ticket form

Firther steps

Ones created, ticket will always available in your ticket list.

You will be notified about all changes of your ticket. You will get email notification when ticket will be in progrees, when it will be closed or when our manager or one of your company managers will leave a comment for your ticket.

We would like to notice you, that commenting allowed only for active tickets. So, if you forgot to add some details, feel free to add new comment to ticket: click on Comment button, write your comment and click on Add button to add your comment.

Comment form

Image 4. Create ticket form

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.